Please read owners’ manual for complete set of rules and regulations. These rules shall apply to all owners, their families, guests, and tenants. Owners will be responsible for all violations. Charges will be assessed for violations.

Destruction of Property

Residents shall not mark, deface, modify, or destroy any part of the common elements.

Trash Collection

  • Trash is collected on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. There are 3 dumpster enclosures on the property where trash can be placed at any time.
  • Recycling is required by a Fairfax County ordinance. Recycling is done by AAA Trash and Recycling on Fridays only before 6:00 a.m. Please put all recyclables in the containers and break down any cardboard boxes. Do not leave anything on the ground or outside the containers. Other items that can be recycled are glass, cans, aluminum, etc. Please do not put other trash in recycling bags. If you missed the trash/recycling company, please put it back in your house until the next collection day. For pickup of large items, please call AAA Trash and Recycling at 703-818-8222. Charges will be assessed for violation of these procedures.


  • All ordinary house pets are permitted subject to the guidelines of the Condominium Association.
  • All pets must be restrained and kept on a leash when on common ground. Do not leash pets to stationary objects.
  • No pets shall be allowed to create a nuisance which disturbs other residents.
  • Resident must walk pets in the designated “pet areas.” These include parking lot islands, the grassy strip along Lake Newport Road, and the area along the woods behind Summerchase Circle units. All residents must pick up after their pet(s).


No sign, notice or advertisement shall be posted, erected, or displayed upon the Common Elements, or shall be visible from any unit, except for the following:

  • One “For Sale” real estate or broker sign advertising a unit for sale may be displayed from the interior of a window of the unit for the period the unit is for sale. The sign must not exceed four square feet in size and must be removed within fourteen (14) days from the date of a ratified contract for purchase.
  • Signs or notices required by law are to be posted during construction or repair work within a unit.


  • Sidewalks, entrances, and stairways shall not be obstructed in any manner, or by any object including bikes, barbecues, planters, toys, or furniture.


  • Reasonable supervision should be exercised when children are playing on the grounds.


  • No objects shall be placed on balcony/patio railings or ledges.
  • No objects shall be attached to walls and ceilings of balconies/patios.

Outdoor Cooking

  • The use of outdoor cooking equipment is prohibited on any balcony or patio. This is a Fairfax County Ordinance. If you want to cook out, please do so by placing your grill or hibachi on a grassy area of the common elements where smoke will not annoy others. Fires must be extinguished immediately after use and each resident is responsible for cleanup afterwards.


Storage of firewood must comply with the following:

  • Because of the threat of pest problems, firewood may only be stored on the balconies/patios from October 1st through April 1st. The storage of firewood in any area, including units and common elements, is prohibited.
  • The amount of firewood stored at any one time shall not exceed one-half cord. A half cord, when stacked, will measure 4 feet in length, 4 feet in width, and 4 feet in height.
  • Firewood shall be stacked in a neat and orderly manner, and shall not be stored so that it blocks access to any door or limited common element throughway. Firewood stored shall not be stacked higher than the balcony/patio railing or fencing.
  • Firewood delivered to an owner may only be deposited in an area of the parking lot that will not interfere with the ingress, egress, or mobility of any vehicle. Under no circumstances may any firewood be deposited on the common element grounds or walkways. All firewood must be promptly moved to the appropriate areas of storage.
  • Each unit owner is responsible for cleaning and sweeping common element areas that have been littered due to the delivery and transportation of their firewood.


  • Owners shall notify the Homeowners’ Association in advance of the name and term of occupancy of any tenant. A copy of the lease must be sent to the management agent. Owners must also provide, in writing, their alternate address, along with day and evening telephone numbers for use in case of emergency.
  • Owners shall furnish to tenant copies of the Declaration and Association rules and regulations. Owners shall be responsible for tenants’ compliance with all rules and regulations.


  • Owners shall notify the Association of the name and mailing address of new owners. Owners must provide a copy of the settlement sheet to the management agent immediately following settlement.
  • As part of their services, TWC Association Management will prepare a resale certificate. There is a $100.00 fee for this service.

Window Treatments

  • Draperies, curtains, or venetian blinds must be installed at all windows within the unit. Drapery linings or window treatments exposed to the exterior must be white, off-white, gray, or beige in color.


  • Unit Owners must exercise due consideration at all hours in the operation of radios, televisions, musical instruments, or any other items to ensure that the sound will not disturb others.


All door-to-door commercial solicitation is prohibited. Placing of materials on or under Unit doors is strictly prohibited unless express written permission is granted by the Board.


  • No posting of notices or advertisements is allowed on mailboxes except those approved by the Board.

Door Decorations

Approval for seasonal decorations is not required so long as such decorations meet the following criteria:

  • The decorations are displayed only as long as they are appropriate.
  • The decorations do not make any sound.
  • The decorations are not attached in such a way as to mar the finish on the door.
  • The decorations do not contain electrical illumination or wiring.


  • Unit Owners are entitled to use the Common Element parking spaces for approved vehicles together with the right of ingress and egress upon that parking area. Use is on a first-come, first-served basis except for marked reserved spaces. An approved vehicle shall include any conventional passenger vehicle, motorcycle, van and truck, recreational commercial vehicle of two and one-half or less tons gross weight.
  • Unit Owners shall be limited to parking two (2) approved vehicles on the common element parking lots. Additional vehicles must be approved by the Board.
  • Vehicles should be parked so as not to obstruct the spaces for other vehicles or, as applicable, the sidewalks.
  • No truck, van, bus, trailer, freestanding camper, recreational vehicle that is longer than eighteen (18) feet or wider than eight (8) feet, and bicycle or boat may be parked in the Common Element parking area.
  • No junk or derelict vehicle or other vehicle on which current registration and required permits and stickers are not displayed shall be kept upon any of the Common Elements.
  • No vehicles shall be parked with “For Sale” signs.
  • All vehicles must be kept in proper operating condition so as not to be a hazard or a nuisance by noise, exhaust emission, appearance or otherwise.
  • No vehicles other than those clearly identified as operated by or for a handicapped person shall be parked in spaces reserved for handicapped parking.
  • No signs, initials, numbers, storage containers, or other additions or alterations to parking spaces may be painted, displayed, or erected by any owner without the prior written consent of the Architectural Committee.
  • Except for minor adjustments, repairs to vehicles, as well as painting of vehicles, shall not be permitted at any time on the Common Elements. Drainage of any automotive fluids in the Common Elements is prohibited.
  • The Board shall make a reasonable attempt to give notice to the Owners of offending vehicles. If such vehicle is not removed or the violation condition corrected, the Board may have the offending vehicle towed at the expense and risk of the Owner of the vehicle.

Violations should be reported in writing to:

TWC Association Management